Mastering Aeternum: A Comprehensive Guide for New World Explorers

New World Jan-28-2024

Embarking on the vast and stunning journey that is "New World" can be both thrilling and overwhelming for beginners. The expansive landscapes, intricate systems, and various gameplay elements can leave you wondering where to begin. In this guide, we'll break down essential tips to help newcomers navigate and make the most of their experience in the breathtaking world of Aeternum.

Before delving into the intricacies of the game, take a moment to appreciate the stunning world around you. "New World" boasts incredible visuals for an MMO, offering a visually immersive experience. Pause to absorb the breathtaking landscapes and details, showcasing the game's graphical prowess.

Upon opening the map, you'll encounter a vast expanse of locations, each with its unique features. Fast travel markers, resembling Outposts, dot the map, allowing you to travel efficiently. It's advisable to unlock as many of these as possible, enhancing your exploration and making travel more convenient. Collecting Outposts is akin to a Ubisoft game, providing strategic points for fast travel.

The world of Aeternum is divided into territories controlled by different factions. As you progress, around level 30, you'll choose a faction. This decision becomes crucial as factions engage in wars and invasions, impacting control over territories. Participate in these faction PvP zones for a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

The map is a vital tool, featuring named locations, landmarks, and quest markers. Explore question marks to discover new areas and fill in your map. Quest markers represent different quests, while faction control and corrupted infestations are also displayed. Pay attention to the map, and it will guide you through the vast and complex world of "New World."

Keep an eye on the Territories function, where you gain standing in various regions. As you accumulate experience in a territory, your standing increases, unlocking perks and buffs. Adjust your standing based on your needs, whether it's increased storage, experience gain, or other advantages.

It's important to allocate your attribute points wisely and utilize your New World gold wisely when leveling up. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution impact different aspects of gameplay. Adapt your attribute distribution based on your preferred playstyle and equipment.

"New World" is a classless MMO, and your skills are determined by weapon mastery. As you level up a weapon, you unlock abilities and buffs. Experiment with different weapons to discover your preferred playstyle. Utilize the Expedition dungeons to level up new weapons quickly without needing to defeat enemies with them.

Take advantage of the camping system by placing camps strategically. This allows you to respawn at specific locations, aiding your exploration and questing endeavors. Ensure you have camps in areas where challenges may arise.

If you acquire the ability to play music as a Bard, use it strategically. Choose songs that provide beneficial buffs, such as increased gathering speed or territory standing bonuses. These buffs last for an hour and can significantly enhance your gameplay.

In conclusion, "New World" offers a vast and dynamic gaming experience. Whether you're marveling at the visuals, mastering weapons, or engaging in faction wars, understanding the game's systems and accumulating enough New World coins is key to an enjoyable adventure. Experience these at

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