Mastering Beast Capturing in Path of Exile

path of exile Apr-25-2024

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on capturing beasts and utilizing beast crafting to unlock valuable rewards in Path of Exile. Beast crafting is an exciting feature that can yield unique and powerful items, making it a must-try experience for every POE player. Let's dive in and learn how to capture beasts efficiently!

Capturing Beasts

Upon entering a map with the Bestiary League mechanic, you'll encounter Einhar, the beastmaster, who oversees this captivating aspect of the game.

Einhar will task you with hunting and capturing beasts scattered throughout the map. These beasts are marked on your mini-map by red icons, denoting their presence and significance. There are two types of beasts you'll encounter: yellow icons represent beasts with one Bestiary mod, while red icons signify beasts with two Bestiary mods. Red beasts are tougher to capture as they possess more life and can spawn additional monsters.

Each map typically spawns at least one red beast and several yellow beasts. To capture these creatures, engage them in combat and reduce their health. When a beast's health drops to around fifty percent, Einhar will step in to assist you. Once the beast's health is sufficiently low, he'll throw a net to capture it. To use the net, right-click to select it and then press “V” to throw it at the beast for capture.

While you may acquire nets from normal loot drops, it's advisable to purchase nets from Einhar for a more reliable capturing experience. Consider checking our offerings of cheap PoE Currency for your convenience.

Beast Crafting

After capturing beasts, you gain access to beast crafting, which takes place in a special area called the menagerie.

You can access the menagerie by using the waypoint and selecting "Travel to your Menagerie" or by visiting Einhar and selecting "Visit Menagerie."

In the menagerie, you'll find the Blood Altar, where beast crafting occurs. Clicking on the Blood Altar reveals a list of crafting recipes available to you. These recipes range from crafting basic currency items to powerful enhancements such as fully linking rare items or creating imprints.

To perform beast crafting, gather the required items, mainly red and yellow beasts, specified in the recipe. Once you have all the necessary components, click on the craft button to initiate the encounter.

Defeat the beast in the encounter, and then click on the Blood Altar to claim your reward.

Additionally, the Blood Altar offers portals and other activities for further rewards through beast capturing.


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