​Mattanite's Roster Analysis Spreadsheet

Madden 23 Oct-10-2022

Teams - Provides perception into crew roster strengths which include off and dev ove, breakdown of dev via way of means of crew, ovr distribution, age via way of means of crew, an area to assign crew states and clear out out via way of means of promising youth. Features variable settings primarily based totally on what you search for whilst deciding on a crew.

Ratings - Full Madden 23 roster scores with warmness map of key ages, modernised automated groupings and function filters, archetypes, Scoutscore/PhysScore/SkillScore values for every participant and an higher and decrease sure exchange price primarily based totally at the SMLE exchange grid.

Grades - Turn all of the scores into grades primarily based totally on a ninety/80/70/60/50 thresholds and additionally flip all bodily scores into the M22 scouting fashion Elite to Poor.

OvrTeam - Display of the best OVR at a function for each crew in addition to rank throughout the league.

OvrDist - This suggests a distribution of the OVR and Dev of base rosters and my M22 10yr strengthen roster distribution on base XP sliders and base dev limits. You can exalternate the XP sliders and dev limits to get a graphical estimate of ways your roster distribution will exalternate over 10 years.

Rook - Full listing of all draftees via way of means of choose out with their OVR, dev and Scoutscore/PhysScore values.

SP Arc Simple - My m21/22 XP predictor via way of means of participant for a complete crew over five years. Enter the participant, function, age and dev and it's going to estimate their OVR every season for five seasons as a starter.

Draft Value - The Jimmy Johnstone draft price chart in excel layout with cappotential to exalternate draft choose out price via way of means of which season you are on (freshmen really well worth much less nearer you're to ending).

Trade Grid - The SMLE exchange grid in excel layout so that you can edit and seize the picture to your personal league.

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