​NBA 2K22 Season 6 Delivers New Spotlight, Locker Codes, and Objectives

nba 2k22 Apr-16-2022

With Season 6 Zero Gravity authoritatively in progress, NBA 2K22 deliveries new data on challenges, compensates, an end of the week challenge, and two storage codes.

Another season in NBA 2K22 is in progress, testing players with different missions and errands to take on to get compensations to help assemble and shape a superior group. On April 6, Season 6: Zero Gravity formally started with a huge load of expectation, and 2K Games shares new insights concerning what's in store.

New data in regards to the season's spotlight is presently accessible, featuring explicit prizes possible once a specific level is reached, up to even out 40. The MyTeam method of NBA 2K22 likewise has another end of the week challenge for players to take part in and two new storage codes to reclaim for incredible prizes.

While a rabbit suit anticipates players once they arrive at level 40, seven player units are additionally accessible all through the occasion. Beginning at level 1 with a unique version onyx Ja Morant unit with a 97-generally speaking rating, players can then move gradually up towards six gold units. These incorporate a 85-in general Russell Westbrook at level 7, a 89-by and large Dwyane Wade at level 13, a 91-by and large Devean George at level 20, a 93-generally speaking Udonis Haslem at level 24, a 95-in general Luis Scola at level 28, lastly a 97-in general Detlef Schrempf at level 33. Players can utilize these units, alongside the three new Dark Matter cards NBA 2K22 delivered recently, to run after remunerations like a Hall of Fame identification, north of 100 tokens, and that's just the beginning.

The weekend likewise brought players their first test of Zero 6: Gravity, with a Dark Matter unit available to anyone. The subtleties are clear however very testing, as it limits players to utilizing just a single Pink Diamond, one Diamond, and one Amethyst, while the rest of the group should be Ruby-layered or lower. There is additionally a condition where the players included should be from the Pacific Division, restricting determinations to five explicit groups. NBA 2K22 Free Agent and Heat Check cards can't be utilized, so players should be extra cautious with how they assemble their programs.

At last, two new storage codes are presently accessible and are redeemable until April 15. Players can utilize the code SEASON-6-MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY to get one Zero Gravity pack, one Diamond Shoe Pack, or 25 NBA 2K22 MT. The code MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-PACKS-7SE9 prizes players with one Zero Gravity Pack or one Diamond Shoe Pack. NBA 2K22 deliveries storage codes week after week, permitting players to gather packs to assist with molding their MyTeam programs and assume the difficulties of each new season.

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