NBA 2K23 Build Guide: Marvin Bagley's "Problem Child" Replica Build

NBA 2K23 May-05-2023

The most exciting thing about NBA 2K23 is creating your own player and developing him to become a superstar in the NBA. A new build that is exciting to try in NBA 2K23, and is called Marvin Bagley's "Problem Child" Replica Build. In this article, we'll explore the details of this build and how it can elevate your game to the next level.

The Build

The Marvin Bagley "Problem Child" Replica Build is a 6'10" Center with a compact body shape. NBA2king suggests that you can go with any body shape that you want, but he recommends going compact. The recommended height is 6'10", and the weight is 225 lbs, and the wingspan is at 7'4".

The Build Stats

To make this build, NBA2king suggests going with 85 on the close shot. This stat will give you Fearless Finisher and Masher on gold with a fast twitch on gold. However, Master is not going to work since you're only 6'10". Ideally, you want to be at least seven feet one inch because most players are six foot nine inches. Therefore, what you're really after is the Fearless Finisher and fast twitch attributes.

Next up is the driving dunk. NBA2king suggests going with 86 on the driving dunk to get Limitless takeoff on gold. It's essential to have an aerial wizard to get those contact dunks. Going 80 on the standing dunk will also get you pro-big-man contact dunks. This build can go all the way up to 88 to get all the Hall of Fame post badges, such as Postman Technician, Back Down Punisher, Dream Shake, and Drop Stepper, among others.

In the mid-range game, go all the way up to 86 on the mid-range to have a good shooting game. It's important to note that Marvin Bagley isn't known for his shooting abilities in real life, but in NBA 2K23, this build is going to give you a solid shooting game.

The Badges

The big badges here are mini position and space creator at tier one badges for working in the post. You also have a catchy shooting blinder on gold and silver respectively, along with the gold green machine. It's essential to get a good three-ball on this build.

The Accuracy

The accuracy of this build is not as high as others, but what makes this build stand out is the 70 on the ball handle and 66 on the speed with the ball. With 70 on ball handle, you're able to get LeBron James' size of escape, which is essential in NBA 2K23. You're also able to get Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic, and other high-tier dribble packages that you just don't expect to see on a 6'10" build. It's important to note that this build does not have unpickable, so be careful about who you're dribbling on.

On the interior defense, the build has a 78 on the interior defense and 57 on the perimeter. NBA2king suggests that this isn't a build for playing on the perimeter but more of an interior-based build.

The Final Thoughts

Marvin Bagley replica build is a top-tier build that offers a lot of versatility and fun. Despite Bagley's real-life attributes not being as impressive as this build, it's worth noting that replicating lower-rated players can result in creating some of the best builds in the game. The finishing and playmaking categories are the strengths of this build, with the ability to get contact dunks and perform some fancy dribble moves. While the build doesn't get the unpickable badge, the solid defensive ratings, and rebounding ratings make it a well-rounded center build that can excel on both ends of the court.

So, there you have it, folks, the Marvin Bagley replica build, aka the Problem Child. Give it a try and see for yourself how much fun it is to dominate on the court with this build. Thank you for reading, if you have better suggestions, please leave me a message!

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