​NBA2K20 season simulation

nba 2k20 Oct-04-2019

One of the most gratifying things in my life is the release date of the NBA 2K series. In the long vacation season that is about to come in September, life without basketball really began to be hit hard.

With the release of the new 2K every September, basketball fans have got some solutions. After all the excitement in the offseason dissipated, the new game allows our fans to compete with our favorite teams, their rookies or free agents and even traded players. Frankly speaking, some of the first reaction to the offseason is "Man, they will be deadly on 2K."

There are exciting new duo combinations across the NBA. Memphis and the energy to enter the new season can also be said. The new rhythmic rhythm around Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr is very attractive in real life and virtual courts.

So, as the great Parker Fleming did last season, I worked hard on the 2K season, with a focus on our beloved Memphis Grizzlies. Before getting the results, here are some disclaimers, storylines and rules to enter the simulation:

There are no expectations for the playoffs this season, so "What needs to be noted" is that we will transfer the draft pick to Boston this year or lose it next season.

2K decided to cut Bruno Caboclo and retain Ivan Rabb. I decided to reverse this situation because it seems to be a more realistic result of entering this season.

I don't accept any deals and I don't offer any quotes, although this guarantees that Andre Iguodala will trade before the trade deadline.

The starting lineup defaults to Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks, Kyle Anderson, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Jonas Valanciunas.

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