Night Crows AFK Farming: Tips for Cod Collection and Diamond Earning

Night Crows Mar-20-2024

In the vast world of online gaming, mastering efficient farming techniques can often mean the difference between success and stagnation. For avid players of Night Crows, the popular multiplayer online game, maximizing your resource collection while also earning Night Crows diamonds is a coveted skill. In this guide, we delve into the realm of Night Crows AFK farming, specifically focusing on Cod collection and diamond acquisition, offering valuable tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience.

Understanding Night Crows AFK Farming

AFK farming, short for "Away From Keyboard" farming, is a technique used by players to accumulate in-game resources and currency passively, even while not actively engaged in gameplay. This method involves setting up your character to perform repetitive tasks or actions automatically, allowing for resource gathering and progression without constant manual input.

The Importance of Cod Collection and Diamonds

In Night Crows, Cod serves as a valuable resource used for crafting, trading, and upgrading various in-game items. Acquiring Cod efficiently is essential for players looking to enhance their equipment and progress through the game. Diamonds, on the other hand, are the premium currency in Night Crows, providing access to exclusive items, upgrades, and services. Earning diamonds through AFK farming offers players a means to enhance their gameplay experience without spending real money.

Tips for Night Crows AFK Farming

1. Strategic Quest Selection

Before embarking on your AFK farming journey, it's crucial to strategically select quests that offer both Cod rewards and diamond bonuses. Avoid accepting quests that are overly expensive in terms of diamond expenditure, as this could hinder your overall progress. Focus on quests that yield high Cod rewards and additional diamonds upon completion.

2. Efficient Dungeon Exploration

Dungeons are prime locations for Cod farming in Night Crows. Explore dungeons that offer lucrative Cod drops while also providing opportunities for diamond acquisition. Choose dungeons that match your character's level and capabilities to optimize your farming efficiency. Additionally, consider teaming up with other players to tackle challenging dungeons and maximize your rewards.

3. Crowd-sourcing for Optimal Farming Spots

Identifying high-traffic areas within the game world can significantly boost your AFK farming efficiency. Look for popular farming spots where numerous players gather to hunt monsters or complete quests. These areas often yield abundant Cod drops and provide opportunities for diamond rewards through collaborative efforts with other players.

4. Resource Management and Goal Setting

Effective resource management is essential for successful AFK farming in Night Crows. Set clear goals for Cod collection and diamond earning, prioritizing items and upgrades that align with your gameplay objectives. Allocate your resources wisely, balancing between immediate needs and long-term investments to maximize your overall progress.

5. Leveraging Automation Tools

Utilize in-game automation features or third-party tools to streamline your AFK farming process. Automate repetitive tasks such as monster hunting or resource gathering to maintain a steady influx of Cod and diamonds while minimizing manual input. However, ensure that you comply with the game's terms of service and avoid using unauthorized automation tools that may result in penalties or account suspension.


Night Crows AFK farming presents players with a lucrative opportunity to collect Cod, earn diamonds, and enhance their in-game experience. By employing strategic quest selection, efficient dungeon exploration, crowd-sourcing tactics, resource management, and automation tools, players can optimize their farming efficiency and achieve their gameplay goals more effectively.

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