​Nobody desires to respond the horrible marketing campaign

NBA 2K23 Dec-01-2022

Give us an choice to pass the marketing campaign after our authentic mycareer participant. This changed into an alternative final yr however, now no longer anymore?

It's strange, however it is nearly like they made the marketing campaign more horrible to deter humans from making alternates?

Like, in maximum 2K I generally make more than one builds, however the truth which you...

- Can't forget about the quests (you are pressured to do them otherwise you cannot play myCareer video games)

- That it is simply so poorly written... The man it is prepurported to be 'me' simply does such a lot of silly matters it is tough to consider he is an adult.

- The rewards for in reality doing the quests is so miniscule, it is now no longer really well worth a while.

Has virtually discouraged me from making any extra builds this yr. I actually have made some withinside the builder, however as quickly as you get out, you are pressured into all the ones cutscenes and it jogs my memory what a drag the marketing campaign is and I land up nba 2k23 mt now no longer going any in addition with them.

It’s less difficult for me to consider that 2K intentionally wrote the maximum painfully dull and lengthy talk sequences to be brought with the aid of using a number of the maximum worrying characters of all time (B Fresh nonetheless has the throne) on purpose, that it's far for me to consider that a set of adults positioned this collectively and stated “yep, this is a superb NBA profession simulation revel in”.

They went withinside the specific incorrect direction. Last yr’s tale commenced so strong (now no longer the YouTuber shit). I favored that the aim changed into to growth draft inventory and also you had some methods you may cross approximately it - university, G league, integrate and many others. Where it fell flat changed into the sport shoehorning you into this bizarre underdog role in spite of being primary draft select. The tale changed into additionally bugged for me so I couldn’t even end it (cheers 2K).

This yr they’ve long past “very well so we’ll pressure you to be like twentieth draft select oh and the metropolis hates you due to the fact you’re now no longer this different bloke we simply made up”. And then it fills a while with doing TikTok dances and shilling vegan hotdogs.

Why can’t they simply maintain it easy? Do a few university video games, to buy 2k23 mt on MMOexp, elective overseas/g league run in case you’re shit in university to have an effect on your draft positioning after which play the rattling sport. Accrue sponsors, perhaps have a rival however normal maintain the point of interest at the truth you’re withinside the NBA.

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