Path of Exile: Embracing the Bizarre - Unconventional Builds for True Adventurers

path of exile Nov-08-2023

Path of Exile is renowned for its boundless possibilities when it comes to character customization. With a vast array of skills, items, and passive tree options, players have the freedom to create truly unique and unconventional builds. In this guide, we will explore two of the weirdest builds that have emerged from the depths of creativity in the Path of Exile community.

Path of Exile: Embracing the Bizarre - Unconventional Builds for True Adventurers

Weird Build #1: The AFK Build - Defying Expectations

The AFK Build challenges the very essence of active gameplay by allowing players to walk away from bosses while still achieving victory. This build focuses on survivability and damage reflection, rendering human input unnecessary. However, be prepared for sluggish progression, as this build is notoriously slow. While it can handle high-level content with ease, it pales in comparison to other builds in terms of efficiency.

To make this build work, you will need specific items that grant substantial health bonuses, as well as essential gems such as Cast when Damage Taken. These gems enable damage output, forming the core of your setup. Interestingly, this build involves dealing damage to yourself to trigger the Cast when Damage Taken mechanic. Although this self-inflicted damage is easily mitigated, it significantly boosts your overall damage output. The AFK Build stands as a testament to the fascinating possibilities that Path of Exile offers.

Weird Build #2: Vaal Fireball - Unleashing Fiery Havoc

Vaal Fireball has gained immense popularity due to its unparalleled clear speed. Understanding the concept of "Vaal" skills is crucial to grasp the essence of this build. Essentially, Vaal skills are enhanced versions of regular spells that require souls to activate. Souls can be obtained by slaying enemies. In the case of the Vaal Fireball build, you utilize the standard Fireball spell to accumulate souls. While it's not mandatory to use the same skill combination, aligning your passive tree with this playstyle enhances its effectiveness.

Once you have gathered an ample supply of souls, you unleash the devastating power of the Vaal Fireball. This unleashes a cataclysmic explosion, obliterating foes in its wake. The Vaal Fireball build exemplifies the unique mechanics that Path of Exile offers, allowing players to unleash incredible devastation with calculated precision.

Embrace the Weird, Forge Your Path

Path of Exile's vast skill tree and customization options open the door to countless unconventional builds limited only by your imagination. The AFK Build defies expectations by challenging the notion of active engagement, while the Vaal Fireball build capitalizes on the destructive potential of Vaal skills. These builds represent just a fraction of the extraordinary possibilities that await you in this ever-evolving action RPG.

As you embark on your journey through Wraeclast, don't shy away from experimenting with unorthodox builds. Embrace the weird, push the boundaries of what is considered conventional, and unveil the true extent of your creativity. Remember, the most unusual builds often hold hidden gems of ingenuity and can bring a fresh and exhilarating experience to your Path of Exile adventures.

So, gather your courage, prepare POE orbs, and embark on a quest to discover the weirdest builds that Path of Exile has to offer with MMOexp. Unleash your imagination, and may the gods of Wraeclast guide you on your path to greatness!

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