Path Of Exile Is Coming To PS4


The evolving road to exile will eventually release the long-awaited PS4 version later in March. The intention was released after the last expansion of Betrayal in December, and the game was suddenly postponed before the plan was released. During a recent chat with Chris Wilson, General Manager of Path of Exile, he provided updates on the PS4 version and why the developer Grinding Gear Games chose to delay it.

It turns out that the developer blocked the PS4 version from giving it some extra time. According to Wilson, the results are stable, but the team believes it can be improved. Due to the lengthy process of licensing the game, the PS4 version will now be available in March - the final date has not yet been decided. At its debut, the latest console version will provide all existing DLCs, including Synthesis.

Wilson said: "It feels like we are completing the cycle through the platform of the road to exile." "We hope that we can use the game console earlier, but our resources were very limited at the time. Fortunately we can finish them. It is very useful [ PS4 will not be released in December. It may not be released then, but we do hope that the first impression is good, and we are not satisfied with certain areas of the game. We want to tighten it."

In addition to our discussion of the PS4 release, he also detailed what the game's next update, "Synthesis" will bring, adds a new alliance to the game and brings the game's magic and skill system. Substantial rebalancing. If you want to know exactly what the Synthesis extension will bring, we will analyze all the new updates and rebalancing that the new extension brings, and things will get weird once you start exploring Dreamscape and its ever-changing memory cluster.

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