Path Of Exile - This assumes/ignores two things

path of exile Jun-20-2023

What do you think of the Bloodnotch/Immutable Force combo? Among our discord servers, we (5randoms) have already started discussing whether Bn/IF will be nerfed in the next tournament.

Of course, this assumes/ignores two things:

- The price is "high" so not many players can buy it.

- Either way the combination will probably disappear with PoE2.

- GGG is in the mood to balance things out before Poe2 and not let players go crazy with new technology before release. - The interaction is intentional, but not so strongly intended.

So with all of the above in mind, we've narrowed the selection down to "game health", doing the translation here since neither of us are natives.

On both sides, the variety of constructions plays a huge role:

- Combos allow for more diverse builds, weaker skills can now boost attack without glass cannons, bringing them in line with other skills more meta (in favor of being unchanged).

- The combo has allowed superskills to skip investing in defense and even go further in offense (nervous).

I'll end my recap here but of course PF is too good as Ascension has been mentioned, will probably explode the totem functionality without Bn/IF, but most likely only on PF, This is MY personal opinion. Edit: saying this as a point for PF to be cancelled, I know the boom won't be in the next tournament.

In the end all that doesn't matter, GGG will do their job, in the grand scheme of game life they did a great job. And hope get safe & cheap POE Currency/POE 2 Currency, you can choose

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