Play up bounce basketball -

news Feb-23-2017

The best tip i heard to win able-bodied at Domination with a ton on MT at the end of the bold is to "Play up bounce basketball". Rotate your guards and play continued presure on all oponents guards.

I've started out accomplishing Domination a bit. Not any acceptable cards from it yet but its acceptable convenance with the band and I'm not accepting agitation accepting the 3 stars per game.

Just bullwork out Domination and again Historic Domination man, thatll acquire you some MT points, amateur rewards and arrangement cards. Thats the best starting aisle you can take, unless you wanna pay money for packs.

I got 2k17 for Christmas but this is the aboriginal time I am arena the MyTeam aspect of it, as I accept done MyCareer for a while. I am just analytical to see if there are any tips to accomplish MT almost bound and some gold players to aces up for bargain to get a appropriate team. If there is a way to barter players, let me apperceive as well, not abiding if this affection exists. Thanks!

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