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news Feb-24-2017

I absitively to acquaint my allowance with a few packs and I pulled brownish players. I admired about 50K and alone got bronzes anniversary time so these packs may be a skip for me. Let me apperceive youexperiencece with these packs.

I saw Ronnie 2K tweeted VC is on sale. I'm not analytic to bead any money on these packs, but I'm curious...what's the sale?

Last year's all brilliant packs allready had the affliction allowance ever. don't apperceive what's up with these packs. but endure year there were at atomic abundant cards..amy jordan and dirk are the alone cards I'm interessted in. will not buy added packs but delay for them to go down in price.

Ruby Faried, Ruby Hornecek, Ruby Bellini several times. I'm not complaining. Should be able to compensate 100k from the bargain of Dirk and Shaq..Messed up, though...I kept analytic for Shaq and anticipation there were none on the market...posted him with 100k bid...should accept accepted bigger apparently amount myself 20k accomplishing

The allowance are aural appealing bad here. Not abounding pulled Jordan? Like anybody i alone wish Jordan, Dirk and Dwight. Is about $60AUS account it with these odds? I can see Jordan and Dwight traveling beneath 100k on the bargain but Dirk with authority value, i think.

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