​RS3 Patch Notes: What's new in Runescape 3?

runescape Nov-10-2021

Hi inhabitant of Gielinor. We are back with another week by week RuneScape 3 substance update. In the current week's RS3 fix notes, Jagex has respectfully educated us regarding how long is staying with the Double XP occasion, alongside updates to the Duel Arena, Vic the Trader and other ordinary fix notes related substance.

RS3 Patch Notes

A ton of the real fix note changes in the game identify with the previously mentioned highlights. For instance, players can't stake anything else than 50 million coins for every player in a duel field battle. In the interim, a couple of comfortable new highlights, for example, the Pernix shudder getting new color choices, like the assortments of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange and dark.

Also there are a lot of bug fixes, regardless of whether that is identifying with the key usefulness not working as expected. This reaches out to things currently having legitimate collaborations, for example, the Korsi's unique assault presently scaling with scuffle exactness rather than wizardry, alongside the Igeneus Cape neutralizing Ice Strykeworms in Slayer, and issues with the augmenter disintegrated on a Dark Silver of Leng eliminating the color. You can get the full fix notes on RuneScape 3's site.

Twofold XP

As you are as of now mindful, there is a twofold XP occasion continuing, where you can settle the score more treats for exchanging a bond. From November 8 onwards, you can twofold XP, which is usable for 48 hours in real in-game time, or until it abandons 15 November. Moreso, exchanging a bond gets you

15 Advanced Pulse Cores

15 Cinder Cores

4 Large Skilling Training Dummy Crates

5 Medium Protean Packs

5 Medium Portable Packs

12 Protean Powerups

1 Large Dwarven Toolbox

5 Combat Dummies

3 Aura Refreshes

Vic the Trader is back

The restricted time seller is back. Vic is open from November eighth to November 22nd in Vic's Store south of Burthorpe Bank and exchange your reward XP for XP Lamps, Skilling Outfits and different treats, making it more straightforward to get quality prizes and other movement partners while he stays dynamic.

Duel Arena Changes

The Duel Arena is getting some significant changes. The motivation behind for what reason is generally down to RMT (Real Money Trading). More than 38% of the cash exchanged the Duel Arena was down to RMT. To keep the RMT from getting excessively insane, there is currently the 5 million cap. Is it will stop it without a doubt, no? In any case, it's the possibility of making it more straightforward that matters the most.

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