Season of Discovery: Discoverer's Delight

WOW SoD Classic Apr-20-2024

The Season of Discovery in WoW Classic has introduced an unprecedented level of generosity with the Discoverer's Delight buff. This buff, currently active on the SoD US Server, offers a doubling of experience gained and a quadrupling of gold rewards from quests.

Blizzard's intention with these changes is clear: they want players to enjoy leveling through questing while also significantly boosting their gold earnings. This enhancement is substantial, especially when combined with the halved training costs and prices for level 40 mounts during this season.

Players who have tested the new experience gain and gold rewards report that leveling from 1 to 40 solely through questing can yield up to 200 gold. This not only allows players to afford their skills comfortably but also enables them to acquire a level 40 mount without financial strain, leaving ample gold for equipment and profession training.

Previously, reaching level 40 could be a financial challenge for some players, but with these changes, players can now be entirely self-sufficient.

Class Improvements and Seasonal Adjustments

In addition to the Discoverer's Delight buff, Blizzard has made significant adjustments to classes and professions within the Season of Discovery:

Artifact Drops Discontinued: Players will no longer find extraneous items from Kha’damu, streamlining the loot experience.

Profession Enhancements: Almost all classes have received substantial boosts to their abilities and skills, making gameplay more dynamic and engaging.

Druid: Fixed issues with Survival Instincts and improved overall performance in various forms.

Hunter: Increased damage for Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, and Carve abilities.

Mage: Enhanced damage for Frostfire Bolt, Spellfrost Bolt, and improvements to regeneration spells.

Paladin: Improved damage for Seal of Martyrdom and Avenger’s Shield, benefiting from talents and effects.

Shaman: Corrected healing amounts for Earth Shield.

Warlock: Grimoire of Synergy now significantly boosts damage for both Warlocks and their pets.

Warrior: Increased damage for Devastate, fixes for Intercept, and improvements to Deep Wounds.

These adjustments not only improve class balance but also enhance the overall gaming experience during the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic.

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