Security tips for storing World of Warcraft classic gold?

WoW Jun-13-2019

Blizzard Entertainment announced that it will launch the WoW Classic this summer, and the date will be launched on August 27th, let fans be fascinated by it and return to the moment of the final start. In addition to the small test on May 15th, there have been three stress tests since May 22nd. Maybe you are fortunate enough to be selected as a high-level experience, and you always need a challenging way to improve. You almost need them from control to mitigation. Just like World of Warcraft, now security tips can help you store enough World of Warcraft gold.

Develop the best profession in gold farming

The more times you store coins, the faster you will complete the challenge. When planting gold, you must pay attention to developing the best career. Compared to various occupations, herbalism is considered to be the best due to market demand.

You can find plenty of herbs and collect ore and beasts into the skin by mining and peeling. Herbs are used to make potions and flasks, which are essential for attacking dungeons at the end of the game. Therefore, you can sell all your collections to other players at the auction house at a reasonable price.

Sweeping fallen enemies

Killing monsters is part of your journey, and the spoils will fall from the enemy as a reward. You can get the best monsters with the most difficult monsters. Every loot you receive can be safely sold to suppliers, and more valuable items or higher quality items may be useful to other players and may be sold at the auction house to meet gold demand.

Create a Mage class

Do you know which course is selected the most? It must be Mage, because Mages is the best kind, it can easily kill large groups of monsters, they can sell their unique skills to other class players. More importantly, only Mages can open a portal to major cities to get one or two gold coins.

Focus on the auction house

Sometimes you can buy cheap items at the auction house and resell some of them to other higher-priced players or turn them into more advanced production tools. It's worth mentioning that you should focus on the price of materials and items and calculate your costs in case you might fail.

Once the WoW Classic is launched as specified, you can enjoy enough WoW Classic gold games.

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