Skull and Bones Guide: Hunting Aquatic Creatures

Skull and Bones Apr-27-2024

In Skull and Bones, mastering the art of hunting sharks, fish, and other aquatic animals not only provides sustenance but also valuable crafting resources. Follow these tips to become a skilled hunter on the high seas:

1. Identifying Prey

Sharks and fish are the primary targets for hunting. Sharks provide Shark Meat and Shark Skin, while fish yield Fish Meat. Additionally, other creatures like crocodiles can be hunted for Crocodile Meat, Crocodile Skin, and Crocodile Teeth.

2. Utilizing the Aim Mechanism

When sailing your ship, press the aim button to bring up a crosshair. On the starting raft, aim with a spear (unlimited) or use regular cannonballs on larger ships. Hold the aim button longer for more damage with the spear.

3. Hunting Technique

Sharks: Aim carefully and release to throw a spear or shoot a cannonball. Sharks take significant HP damage from spears or a few cannonball shots.

Fish: Aim and shoot to kill fish instantly. They are less durable than sharks.

Crocodiles: Spot them near shorelines and use cannonballs for a safer hunt due to their slower movement.

4. Gathering Loot

When a creature is killed, blood in the water indicates success. Sail toward it to collect loot such as Shark Meat, Shark Skin, Fish Meat, or Crocodile resources.

5. Crafting and Cooking

Take your loot to a Cookery found in settlements like Sainte-Anne. Cooked food boosts stamina temporarily for you and your crew. Use Shark Meat, Fish Meat, or Crocodile Meat for these recipes.

6. Safe Hunting Practices

Use the spyglass while sailing to spot aquatic enemies near shorelines.

Preserve cannonballs by using the starting raft for hunting smaller prey or rely on larger ships for safety.

Be mindful of your surroundings and potential threats while hunting.

Mastering hunting in Skull and Bones not only ensures a steady food supply but also provides valuable resources for crafting and cooking. Explore the seas, hone your hunting skills, and thrive as a skilled pirate hunter.

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