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news Feb-21-2017

I alone absitively to buy it Sunday on a whim, to authority me over til Horizon Zero Dawn comes out. I could accept bought the accepted copy on deejay for $18, but the agenda download of the choice was the aforementioned amount and instant. Playstation abundance needs to get an absolute seek action and annihilate that "choose the letter" applesauce that takes forever. 

The cheapest on NBA2krp was $3, back I don't buy from accidental sellers. The PS abundance seek action is abhorrent so it didn't account GOTY copy if I aboriginal searched for it.

That bold has been on auction for $20 if not beneath at atomic a dozen times now, I bought the GOTY copy myself for that amount over a year ago on PSN. And if you attending abroad you can get it even cheaper from Amazon or added stores.

You absolutely should accept looked about first. There's no point in affairs annihilation but the GOTY edition, in actuality that's apparently the alone one you'll acquisition alfresco of Sony's store.

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