​The Fresh Server Debate

WOW WoTLK Classic Aug-29-2022

I actually have visible dialogue right here and there approximately awaiting a sparkling wotlk server, or choosing a mega server. I am hoping to consolidate a few execs and cons from you oldsters right here to assist me and in all likelihood others determine.

I actually have now no longer honestly touched vanilla or TBC classic so my loss of constructed up assets first of all made me suppose that a sparkling server makes feel for me. The concept of anybody on a server beginning at the equal foot sounds romantic to me as I am a quite causal dungeoneer/raider.

However, I actually have visible a whole lot of humans point out that sparkling servers have an awesome danger of death. I am frightened of now no longer being capable of reliably PUG dungeons once I have time to play and being in a lonely exchange chat.

That being stated, how have sparkling servers stepped forward withinside the past? Is a sparkling server revel in really well worth the threat or is a mega server in reality the smarter play? Curious to pay attention all evaluations.

Pros for sparkling:

- The economic system is sparkling. Everything you do in reality subjects extra and has a better effect. Were you the primary which will craft a particular glyph? Chances are you made a massive income on that. Simple matters as mining/herbing additionally subjects extra.

- It's sparkling? If you didnt play earlier than wotlk then it's far your danger to begin on a good footing with anybody else. Alot of humans in no way begin an MMO due to the fact they experience "at the back of".

- Start a brand new network. Established guilds may be tough to get into, cliques are fashioned and it may be tough to interrupt the ice. A sparkling begin permits you to shape bonds in a unique manner with different humans gambling the sport.

The cons:

- Uncertainty. If you're the sort of individual that desires to be capable of do a Naxx 10 guy 2AM withinside the morning, then your quality danger might be to live at the hooked up mega servers. Noone can inform you precisely how famous the sparkling servers might be. Some additionally argue that the "sparkling network" additionally has a bent to dance as soon as their goal is reached (degree --> equipment up --> kill final boss as soon as --> subsequent sparkling).

- Alot of humans point out that a sparkling server is a botters paradise, so there may be a threat that "sparkling" might be rotten quite quick, due to the fact it's so a whole lot extra worthwhile to be botting on a sparkling server. (I haven't any perception into if this declare is real or now no longer).

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