The Madden 20 Player Rating System Challenge and Rookie Advanced Program

Madden 20 Jul-04-2019

The upcoming Madden 20 promises a number of new improvements and adjustments in all areas to provide fans with a better baseball experience. With the massive reform of the Madden 20 player scoring system, there have been some changes in the way the star game is compared to players who are not stars, making this season's superstar players really stand out. Below, we will discuss what will happen behind the overhaul and preview the upcoming Madden 20 Rookie Premier program, which will continue to Madden 20.

Madden 20 Player Rating System Change

Player ratings have a greater spread in Madden 20. The difference between the 89 overall players and the 90 overall players will be more pronounced than ever before.

In a recent developer blog, the changes were detailed and the results of the changes were listed by numbers. The biggest change so far has occurred with players who scored below 85. This should prove to be able to further highlight the top players in the league.

Our goal is to help further enhance the game team's superstars and superstar X-Factor capabilities, and really let players (even if they don't have the ability) feel different from each other.

In order to begin this process, we have developed a series of personal goals. First, we classify players into ranks based on their live performance. These layers are coarser than what is actually defined, as follows:

♦ Elite/near elite players

♦ Quality preemptive

♦ low level starter

♦ Backup

♦ Low level backup

By raising the ratings of elite/near elite players and lowering others' ratings, the stars are starting to stand out more than ever. We browse through each of the properties in the game and stretch them by position. For example, in Madden 19, there are 53 corners with 80 or better Man Coverage. There are 42 in Madden 20. We have also raised the upper limit of some of these ratings to further narrow the gap between elites and others.

The biggest change in the rating system is the redefinition of the so-called “first quality”. In Madden 19, 54% of the approximately 2,900 players (including free agents) are 70 or higher. In Madden 20, 41% of players are at 70 or higher OVR, which means that both low-level beginners and deep players can be rated in 60 seconds or even 50 seconds. From a gameplay perspective, this can lead to a sharp drop from the launch to the backup. This solves a big problem. In the previous Maddens, if the starting device was injured, the backup was almost plug and play. But now, with the serious decline in ratings, beginners will have a unique feeling, and your bench will be more difficult.

In addition, they create a new overall formula for each player's prototype and adjust the weight of the existing overall formula to ensure that the player is properly tagged and more emphasis on the more influential rating of each location.

Finally, QB Throw Power has the highest ratings and is combined with changes in game trajectories. Without deepening the mechanics of the passing trajectory, they reduced the maximum speed of the pass to help add more trajectories to all throw types.

MUT Rookie Premier Preview

With the arrival of Madden 20, the new Madden Ultimate Team Rookie Premier program will begin on Monday (July 1) and more details will be broadcast on the EA Madden Twitch channel.

Players will be able to complete the Rookie Premier package in the Madden 19 Ultimate Team. These collections are exchanged for a 99 OVR NAT player card. Gamers will also receive a special version of the player's Rookie Premier card in Madden 20.

The Madden Ultimate Team has 10 rookie senior players, 5 of which are offensive and 5 are defensive. Any time a new player version is released in the game, the Rookie Premier player card in Madden 20 will have a level boost,players can buy it by Madden 20 Coins. This will continue until February 2020.

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