The preseason play 2K18 MT Coins

news May-22-2017

This is a big issues as Valanciunas is a key NBA 2K18 MT player coming in for the Raptors and also both players are very young and have been drafted high enough to deserve a at least low 70s ratings with at least a high 80s potential rating because as of now they're useless in association mode as they have nothing to grow on.

The whole Rockets team seems to be a mess in the ratings. I play with the Rockets all the time and I find it extremely hard to win with them.

A role player can be up to an 80 the way they can impact the game ( not every role player is an 80, but some are), 6th men up to what ? 85 sound good ? and starters and stars unlimited.

The disgraceful ratings and ratings per role make association mode a living hell that you have to continuously start over because stupid cpu trades and players being " un happy " and all that jazz.

Not only that but if you won't make the ratings properly than when we change the ratings to what they should be, we should be able to update rosters online without the rosters going back to reset.

I've been with 2K since 2K5, but as far as both companies go, 2K and EA, I'm still waiting for a next Gen NBA experience and this roster garbage does not help. This looks to be the best 2K since 2K9 but how have they not fixed the roster ratings and roles yet ? I've been posting about it forever!

The first step to making association more realistic is to remove the damn potential rating. Come up with a new progression engine that players improve based on how well they play not some damn built in potential rating.

If I decide I want to take Luke Babbit and make him a Superstar his ratings should reflect that. If I make him a 20ppg 10rpg 5apg type guy through running my offense through him his ratings should reflect that after a year instead because of his potential rating his ratings will never go up no matter how well I play with him.

I agree 2k is going by hype but the nba season hasnt started so hopefully they are using the preseason play 2K18 MT Coins to boost and drop players ratings. jason kidd being an 80 kinda bugs me.

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