Twitch streamer, former World of Warcraft pro Reckful dies at 31

WOW Classic Jul-03-2020

Former World of Warcraft player and famous Twitch streamer Byron "Reckful" Bernstein died Thursday in his apartment in Austin, Texas. He was 31 years old.

After the news came out, both Twitter accounts of Twitch and World of Warcraft issued statements on Thursday. In "wow classic gold", hundreds of players also gathered to commemorate Bernstein.

The former e-sports professional often discusses his mental health in podcasts and live broadcasts. He revealed that he has treated depression and bipolar disorder.

Tevich said in a statement: "We are shocked to learn about Byron's death." "We are wholeheartedly concerned about his family, friends and community. He is a pioneer in streaming media and has helped to promote the industry. Development. The community he built in the games he played changed forever because of his ruthlessness. The pursuit of excellence.

“Byron was talking about his efforts to help others do the same. As we deal with this loss, we must realize that stigmatization of mental health and treatment often prevents people from seeking and obtaining what they need Help. If you are struggling or knowing someone, there are many organizations and people who need help."

Bernstein's ex-girlfriend, professional team combat tactics player and Rebecca "Becca" Cho also tweeted the news of Bernstein's death.

Joe wrote: "I haven't been able to wait for him there." "It's really great. It taught me to have fun, do more experiments, and challenged me to try to be greater than me. It's bigger than life , Too big for this world.

``It made me realize that I knew nothing about depression and nothing about mental health issues. I have a vague idea of what this is, embarrassingly thinking that I can help the secular bull---. We love each other, but with its difficulties."

Bernstein is known for his time in "World of Warcraft", where he became a top player and won the online ranking for six consecutive seasons. His online abilities have also been successful in offline competitions, ranking among the top three in the 2009 MLB World of Warcraft series and October 2010 in MLG in Washington, DC.

Bernstein's competitive success earned him an online reputation, which made him a successful streaming professional on Twitch. According to TwitchTracker, when he died, his channel had almost 1 million followers, ranking 783 among the best creators on the site.

In addition to making a profitable streaming career, Bernstein also led the team to create "Everland", a new 8-bit online multiplayer game that will be released on August 20.

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