​When to start doing honor shard unas

Lost Ark Sep-07-2022

What is the best time to switch from larger leapstone dailies into honor shard dailies? I'm guessing that most people have been consuming leapstones dailies and working our minds fried for months , myself too. With GHLs dropping to around 30g and less, and everyone beginning to put their mains on +21 gear, is it worthwhile to continue shopping for GHLs?

With a conversion ratio of 5:1 for brelshaza tier of leapstones and I'm feeling like the thought of wasting 3 days to get 3 or so leapstones is a bit of a joke in comparison to the time I would spend to stock up on Honor shards rather.

When the new leapstones are released out in the brelshaza release, we'll be making about 4 each once more.

With weekly unas, boss rush/guild+pvp vendor/argos dismantle, etc. you'll have plenty of leapstones It's not as if you're severing the supply completely.

Let's look at Shards: It appears that there is a consensus that you should not go over +21 since it is inefficient and expensive. For shards only the cost is 57,000 honor shards to set my gear up to +22. A weapon with a +24 rating costs151k honors shards. Therefore, if we collect 7-10 honor shards per day from the 1475 chaos dungeons, it will take about 10 days to farm shards in order to upgrade a single piece of equipment.

I'm sure honor shards aren't that expensive in the current version and are likely to be affordable for quite a while. However, if you look at Korea honor shard bags , they are quite expensive and appear like the bottleneck not leapstones. So do honor shard dailies worth the cost? Have others been doing this before and I'm way behind? Do I just jump the shot?

Honor shard replaces Honor in terms of cost efficiency after higher relic leapstones decrease in value, bringing them to the point where our greatest honors are at the moment. In KR there are a lot of players who use lopang since they polish their alts more often than non-spenders , but the majority of players are taking shard dailies because they are less likely to polish their alts and shard dailies provide more value per day when you don't have a immediate requirement for silver. If you're a player who creates an entirely new character and then pump straight from around 1302 to 1500+levels, get more lost ark gold then you'll probably almost always be on lopang on all characters, not just your primary.

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