​Why Retail is better than Classic

WOW TBC Classic Jun-13-2022

NOTE: Each of my posts have been removed, even though I posted the statement that flagging posts because you disagree with them isn't right. My posts were restored.

The objective of gameplay as well as the Game Design is more effective than it's ever been. It's all about the community and the players who give Retail an unsavory taste.

The real Game of WoW now in its current version, specifically for new players and leveling is more enjoyable than ever. Every class is unique and you can go to any level you'd like and not be penalized for it. You can also discover all the mythology you like while leveling.

There are numerous ways to get yourself to max level regardless of whether you're doing regular or heroic raiding, mythic plus dungeons , or Mythic If you're determined enough.

Everybody is affirming that classic is superior to Retail simply because "the game was more enjoyable".

Was that the case?

Was close to dying to a felboar at the Hellfire peninsula, as an ungeared soldier "fun?"

Was it spamming global or trade for hours on end "LF1M tank, then G2G!" fun?

You basically had to play for eight hours per day to be equipped to be able to raid, and fighting for your spot in the raid and even interguild politics "fun?"

Since the very beginning of the game. And yes, there was a lot more friendliness in the past.

You might think you're right because it was relatively new? It was between 2004 and 2009, and the internet wasn't being developed? The sense of finding?

My point is that games such as WoW should always move forward. The quality of the content is higher than it ever was and I loved WOTLK. However, it's been over. We defeated Arthas and the time is moving ahead.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post. The PEOPLE are the ones who create the game rather than the mechanics therefore it's not Blizz's fault many people don't enjoy Retail Maybe it's the players.

LFD and toxic people isn't the fault of Blizz. They gave us the perfect method to group our players while leveling , and then the players make it worse with Toxicity.

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