Will Madden 22 be cross-platform?

news Jul-22-2021

Will Madden 22 have cross-platform play? Cross-platform play has been one of the breakthroughs of the Xbox One/PS4 console generation.

One generation prior, there would have been no hope that there would be any cross-platform play. However, today, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty allow Xbox players to play with PlayStation players and PC players. Will Madden 22 follow these massive franchises and finally allow players on different hardware to face off against each other?

Put simply, EA has not addressed this yet. However, this late into the marketing cycle, it seems that this feature would have already been revealed as a big selling point.

However, cross-generational play could be a feature that comes to Mut 22 coins, in a way, specifically on Xbox. Here is how one copy can be played on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has been the face of backwards and forwards compatibility during the transition years between Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X controllers work on Xbox One and vice versa. Also, every Xbox One game will work on Series X, with a few exceptions.

Today, Microsoft requires publishers to manufacture one disc that works on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Therefore, if one absolutely wants to own one copy of Madden 22 and be able to play against their Xbox One friends as well as their Xbox Series X friends, they can circumvent the lack of built-in cross-generational play on Xbox.

All they need to do is buy the game on disk and keep both an Xbox One and Xbox Series X handy. If one wishes to play on Xbox Series X, they can insert the disk and the Xbox will automatically install the Xbox Series X version. They can then insert the disk into the Xbox One and the Xbox One will automatically install the Xbox One version.

Using this method, one can have one copy of Madden 22 and be able to play against friends stuck on the last-gen of consoles as well as those lucky enough to land an Xbox Series X.

Aside from using this method, other gamers will have to buy Madden 22 on each console they wish to play on. That said, it is technically possible for PlayStation gamers to buy the PS4 version of the game and play it on the PlayStation 5, but they would be locked into playing against their PS4 friends and would need to upgrade in order to play against their PS5 friends.

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