With complaints about the dominance of healers

New World Nov-14-2023

The recent changes have the potential to shift the meta and significantly impact Outpost Rush (OPR), particularly in countering healing strategies. It's a topic that's frequently discussed on Reddit, with complaints about the dominance of healers and how teams with healers consistently come out on top.

With the latest adjustments, teams featuring healers are now much more likely to maintain full health compared to teams without healers. In 3v3 matches, healer-equipped teams often remain at 100% health while other teams frequently struggle to maintain 50% or less. What makes the new bow so interesting is its ability to stun opponents at full health. While it might not be as effective in non-healer matches, it has the potential to completely alter battles where healing is a key factor. In essence, it's a counterplay mechanic – you heal back to full health, you get stunned.

But that's not all; the scaling of damage conversion gems has been modified, allowing all weapon damage to scale with Intelligence/Focus. This opens up the possibility for a wider range of viable weapon combinations.

Additionally, we're yet to see what the other artifacts have in store. The changes to 3v3 XP distribution also look promising, making OPR even more enticing while providing more balanced rewards.

However, some players are concerned about the new bow, particularly those with extensive experience using it. They believe it's an unwise addition to the game, reminiscent of the "rapid shot" knockback situation, where it created problematic chokepoints in OPR. The conditional stun with no cooldown is seen as a potential issue, as it may lead to repetitive and unenjoyable gameplay. While it may not necessarily empower players to take down healers, there are worries about the impact on squishy characters and the potential for frustrating encounters, especially in tight spaces.

Moreover, the extra 20% electric damage boost offered without any significant trade-offs could lead to widespread use, pushing other bow builds to the sidelines. A possible solution would be to replace the stun with a cooldown-based slow effect, while reducing the initial electric damage bonus to 10%.

Considering these concerns and the changes to gem scaling, there's uncertainty about whether these alterations will ultimately have a positive impact on the game's balance. My advice is that you need to have a lot of New World gold coins and gear on hand for this change.

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