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news Jun-08-2017

I accept paying Dion added than 15M is a mistake. But comparing Dion with JR or Oladipo? Dion is far above on aegis and on ofense JR isn't even bigger thant Dion cutting 3's if this division isn't an NBA 2K18 MT Coins outlier.

Dion is as acceptable as anyone (except Irving) in the alliance demography is man off the distill and traveling to the paint.

He's got a actual top ceiling. Even if he doesn't get bigger thant 18-20/5/5 on 45/37-40/75 with acceptable D that is added than fair for a 15M/year player.

While Dion is actual acceptable at demography his man off the distill initially you are overstating the amount of that ability. While it can be actual accessible if he makes the appropriate play, a lot of the time he does not.

To prove that I looked at all Guards endure division that played at atomic 15 Games and averaged added than 2 drives a game. Which is 128 players.

And I durably disagree with not authoritative the appropriate play. The beheading if traveling for the attempt is not acceptable (yet!), but he makes abundant decisions..

He has the brawl a lot in his easily and doesn't accept aberrant about-face numbers.

And if you watch him he can see shooters if biting and bang out, and will aswell at times allure the bigs and bead it of for the big for an Cheap NBA 2K18 MT simple score.

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