World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Patch Notes

WOW SoD Classic May-08-2024

Today marks another round of adjustments to the Season of Discovery servers in World of Warcraft, with specific attention given to three classes: Warlocks, Shamans, and Hunters. While the update may seem relatively slim compared to previous patches, these changes will significantly impact the dynamics of these classes throughout Phase Three of the Season of Discovery. Let's delve into the details of today's patch notes.

Class Balance Updates for April 30:


The bonus damage granted from Raptor Fury has been reduced by five percent.

The Beast Mastery rune now increases the damage of your pet by 10 percent less.


Rolling Thunder proc chance has been buffed from 30 percent to 50 percent.

Burn (rune) now provides a "significant" bonus to your spell power while Flametongue Weapon is active.


Invocation now benefits from the Pandemic rune by applying critical strikes.

Invocation also synergizes with Unstable Affliction.

Key Takeaways:

Shaman and Warlock Buffs:

Shamans and Warlocks have received substantial buffs to the synergy between some of their abilities. Shamans, in particular, have been the focus of attention from Blizzard in recent updates. With these changes, Shamans might ascend the DPS charts as Phase Three progresses. While the long-term effectiveness of Shamans as damage dealers at level 60 remains to be seen, if these baseline buffs persist into Phase Four, the class could emerge as unexpectedly potent.

Hunter Nerfs:

Hunters have been reliable and straightforward damage dealers in WoW tradition, but recent additions via Season of Discovery runes made them overly reliable in the Classic season. The nerfs implemented should bring the class down slightly, but they are not expected to be revolutionary. Despite these adjustments, Hunters are likely to maintain their status as accessible damage dealers in the game.

As always, these changes are subject to further iteration based on player feedback and ongoing balancing efforts by the development team. Keep an eye out for future updates as the Season of Discovery continues to evolve.

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