WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 for Both Horde and Alliance Factions

WoW Mar-29-2024

As Phase 2 of WoW Season of Discovery approaches, it's crucial to gear up your characters for rapid progression from levels 25 to 40. By strategically planning your quests and routes, you can gain several levels right from the start, propelling you towards the level cap and exciting raid content like Gnomeregan. In this guide, we'll provide you with a streamlined strategy to reach level 28, possibly even touching level 29, within the first hour of Phase 2. We'll highlight key quest hubs and specific quests to prioritize for maximum efficiency. Additionally, we'll offer alternative quest options for those who prefer a different approach but still aim for significant progress. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to optimize your experience or a casual adventurer, this guide has something for everyone to kick off Phase 2 with a bang!

Key Points to Consider:

Identify High-XP Quests: Focus on quests that offer the most experience gains to level up quickly.

Plan Efficient Routes: Map out a logical path that saves time and maximizes quest completion.

Consider Additional Quests: Look for quests that don't clutter your quest log and offer valuable rewards.

Group Quests: Be mindful of quest difficulties and consider teaming up for challenging tasks.

Now, let's delve into faction-specific strategies to prepare for Phase 2:

Horde Quest Preparation & Fast Leveling Strategy:


Swift XP Gain: Start your journey in Ashenvale, where you can swiftly earn 44,000 XP, pushing you to level 26 post-launch.

Notable Drops: Collect items dropped by Shadumbra, Sharptalon, and Ursangous for quests but keep them in your bank for later.

Auction House Tip: Purchase Shredder Operating Manual pages to combine them and save inventory space while gaining XP.

Splintertree Post:

Quest Collection: Gather all available quests, focusing on 'Satyr Horns', 'Stonetalon Standstill', 'Ashenvale Outrunners', and 'Warsong Supplies'.

TX:3 Assault: Complete this nearby solo quest for additional XP.

Zoram Strand:

BFD Quests: Turn in 'Allegiance to the Old Gods' and 'Baron Aquanis' if not completed yet.

Quest Picks: Prioritize 'Vorsha the Lasher' and 'Between a Rock and a Thistlefur' for efficient progression.

The Barrens:

Quest Items: Look for drops from specific mobs and complete quests at Camp Taurajo for extra XP.

Weapons of Choice: Gather required items for turn-ins.

Thousand Needles:

Focus on quests around Freewind Post and complete 'Test of Faith', 'Test of Endurance', and 'Test of Strength'.

Grimtotem Spying: Acquire documents and 'Hypercapacitor Gizmo', potentially requiring a group.

Hillsbrad Foothills:

Primary Chain: Progress through 'Battle of Hillsbrad' quests, pausing before elite targets.

Elixir of Agony: Continue this chain but hold off on the final turn-in.

Additional Tips:

Complete quests in Stonetalon Mountains and manage quest log space efficiently.

Take advantage of bonus XP opportunities in Scarlet Monastery and gather necessary items for future turn-ins.

By following this guide, you should reach level 28 swiftly, with the potential to hit level 29, setting you up for success in Phase 2.

Alliance Quest Preparation & Fast Leveling Strategy:


Start in the Wetlands for strategic positioning and begin with quests like 'CLA of the Deep' for significant XP gains.

Lakeshire & Duskwood:

Tackle quests like Solomon's Law, Black Rock Bounty, Tharil'zun, and Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore.

Optimize quest log space by grabbing quests in Duskwood and turning them in Lakeshire.

Stormwind and Beyond:

Prioritize quest turn-ins for Reassignment, The Noble Brew, and The Retrieval.

Don't overlook bonus XP quests like Old History Book in Duskwood and Donation of Wool and Silk.

Ironforge Detour:

Complete the 'A King's Tribute' chain for XP gains and consider the follow-up quest.

Additional Tips:

Ensure you surpass XP thresholds to progress efficiently and customize your quest selection based on your progress.

With this strategy, you'll reach Level 27 swiftly, setting the stage for a smooth journey towards Level 28 and beyond as Phase 2 kicks off.

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