WoW: Shadowlands’ biggest challenge is making sure people don’t regret their choices

WOW Classic Aug-10-2020

World of Warcraft will change with each expansion. Every equipment the player acquires will immediately traverse the class, all abilities will change, and there is a new navigation system. When Blizzard talked about Shadowlands, I thought of wow classic gold. This is a choice. Blizzard is eager to return to the RPG part of MMORPG, which affects all parts of World of Warcraft's next massive expansion.

Choose and decide

Shadowlands offers more options than past expansions, and these options will have immediate consequences. If you choose Covenant, you will see a set of abilities that you cannot change. After that, players need to upgrade allies and choose abilities. The Covenant Movement gives players the impression that they are actively changing the world according to their choices.

Choosing a covenant can unlock a series of cosmetics and powerful skills, but it allows players to enter the covenant battle.

Art director Ely Cannon said: “You will influence the world and the region, especially the contract you choose.” The Covenant Sanctuary continues to evolve. New characters will appear, and new areas will appear. The once sparse and dying area is full of life, making daily tasks and ending game activities more active. Their choice of covenant and companions filled them with views on the larger expansion story.

Cannon said: "This expansion will allow Shadowlands to change as a whole when new events occur." "This will be an interesting expansion, because as the patch progresses, we will see huge (relative to the entire world) Variety."

This is not another legion. All the Paladins entered the Command Hall, obtained the title of High Road, and obtained their own Ashbringer. On the contrary, we are a member of the army. In the final game, we established our own legend and chose our allies, priorities and destinations. This is part of Blizzard's joint effort to make Shadowland look like an RPG. The previous expansion was streamlined until it felt like a theme park ride. This allows the player to better control the more rope.

potential problems

The only problem is that these choices are inherently conflicting. Considering my personality and how they fit into the world, I will make a choice. The fairies at night are closely related to nature, but Necrolord is an armed force that sticks to power. Cillian is suitable for those who believe that doubts can be eliminated, while Bencer is reimbursed through punishment. I should explore all these areas and see which school is most suitable for my role aesthetically and morally.

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