​WoW WotLK Classic Dungeon Guide: Culling Stratholme

WOW WoTLK Classic Sep-20-2022

Another time travel in the caves of time of World of Warcraft awaits heroes from level 80 in WoW WotLK Classic. This time you can witness first-hand how Arthas plans to rid the town of Stratholme of the plague. We polished our old dungeon guide for you!

The latest instance in the Caverns of Time with WoW and WoW WotLK Classic takes your group to the well-known Stratholme. However, it is still intact here and you can witness the destruction. The entrance to the instance is in the western part of the cave and is surrounded by residential buildings. To get to Tanaris and the Caverns of Time quickly, use the portal in Dalaran, located in the tower of the Violet Hold. Just run up the stairs behind Rhonin (coordinates: 31/48). The portal is there on the left. By the way, you can find Chromie in the instance - there she will give you her quest. If you die in the instance, you don't have to go all the way to Stratholme again. Once you re-enter the instance, speak to Chromie and she'll take you straight to town!

Before you get down to business in Stratholme, a cutscene outside the town explains one of the most important stories in the Warcraft universe: Arthas breaks up with his mentor Uther and his lover Jaina. He decides to wipe out the city after you find out the grain is contaminated. After that, speak to Arthas inside Stratholme to start the event.

In the first part of the instance, ten waves of Scourge attacks must be neutralized. But nothing is really attacked by the undead here. While Arthas waits at the gate, it's much more up to you to get to the elite enemies. The group runs through the still intact part of Stratholme, always in the direction of the flags marked on the map.

Ghouls, Crypt Horrors, and Patchwork Constructs aided by Necromancers and Acolytes await. Always focus your fire on the sorcerers first, or the heavy-hitting golems and tomb beasts. The weak ghouls that roam Stratholme en masse are particularly annoying for magicians, but are quickly eliminated with a minor area spell.

After the fourth group, the first and probably the hardest boss of the instance appears: Fleischhaken. If he is defeated, there are four more waves of the same attackers to crack, then it's already against the second boss Salramm the flesh shaper.

Fighting Fleshhooks is relatively simple and there are no special features to consider. The tank will attack the monstrosity and build up threat while healers and damage dealers stay at bay. Meathook hits extremely hard, occasionally stunning one of the party's casters for five seconds. If it hits the healer, the tank will have to pull out all the stops to survive the period without healing. If necessary, swallow a healing potion and activate abilities such as the warrior's "last stand" to stay alive. Except for the tank and melee fighters, nobody should be near Meathook - this way you won't be hit by the "Sick Sputum".

Meathook doesn't get any new abilities in the heroic version, but he does more damage. As in the normal variant, stay away from the ejection. The tank in particular must be careful as soon as the healer is affected by the "Binding Chains".

Although Salramm is a magician, he still packs quite a punch on the tank. That's why your healer primarily has an eye on the life points of your tank. Salramm's most special ability is summoning ghouls. He explodes them shortly after summoning them for a lot of damage. That's why surface damage classes are required here: A "seed of corruption" from the sorcerer, a "chain lightning" from the shaman or a "salvo" from the hunter, for example, quickly puts an end to the risk of explosion. Nevertheless, the damage distributors should keep a safe distance from Salramm.

Take care of the ghouls he summons even in the heroic version of the Fleshshaper. Don't let them explode, but eliminate them early with area damage. Remove the curse from other players if you can.

Meet Arthas at the entrance to City Hall after defeating Salramm. Talk to him and start the next event phase.

Alongside Arthas, you now defeat four groups of four Infinite Dragonflight attackers. Focus your damage on the Eternal Hunters, as they provide stacking speed buffs to their fellow dragons and deal a lot of damage.

Always give Arthas a head start when attacking groups. In this way you prevent your tank from taking hits from all enemies immediately and can reduce the damage received. Arthas himself heals quite fond of himself as a paladin.

Chronolord Epoch has a number of abilities that allow him to manipulate time. Above all, your healer must therefore make sure that he constantly - if possible - keeps healing-over-time magic on the tank. Use your mana sparingly, because Epoch's curse in particular eats away at the blue bar considerably if it is not lifted. The Chronolord randomly charges players.

Even in the heroic variant of the Chronolord Epoch, your healer has to concentrate primarily on the tank, because the "Wounding Blow" causes a large amount of damage to the tank.

After Chronolord Epoch, you can expect other undead enemies you already know. Always let the future Lich King attract enemies. Your tank then takes elite undead from him, which you finish together. Always make sure not to attract any more elite opponents in the turmoil, because that can quickly end fatally. At the end of the street Obermotz Mal'Ganis is waiting for you.

You will only meet the Eternal Corruptor in the heroic variant of The Culling of Stratholme - and only if you have beaten your way through the standard opponents and the first three bosses of the instance within 25 minutes. You will find the spoiler in a side alley before Mal'Ganis, which branches off to the left of the main road. Once the tank has built up enough threat, you should unleash your most powerful attacks on the Corruptor, as Corrupting Plague combined with Void Strike will take a toll on the tank. If you defeat the Corruptor within the time limit, you will loot the Reins of the Bronze Dragon from him.

The "Carrion Swarm" is the most dangerous thing on the last boss of the instance. This area effect is always cast on the character with the most threat - ideally the tank, of course. He turns Mal'Ganis away from the group and Arthas at the beginning so that the rest of your group doesn't get hit by the "Carrion Swarm". The healer deals with the damage caused by the boss's "Mind Blasts". Breaks the sleep effect once Mal'Ganis casts it on a teammate. Incidentally, this is also possible with a PvP trinket, such as a medallion of the alliance. Immediately removes "Vampire Touch" from the tank to prevent Mal'Ganis from healing himself. After the boss escapes, you can find the loot in a box to the left of the portal.

The "carrion swarm" Mal'Ganis' is even more fierce in the heroic version of The Cultivation of Stratholme than in the normal version. Therefore, it is also the duty of the tank to turn the boss away from Arthas and the other group members. Make sure none of your party members are stricken with sleep and make sure the "Vampire Touch" is removed from the tank.

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