​WoW WotLK Classic: Warrior and Rogue Bug Fixes and More - Hotfixes

WOW WoTLK Classic Oct-21-2022

October 21st, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. by Susanne Braun - In the night of October 20th and 21st, 2022, the developers of WoW WotLK Classic treated the nostalgia realms to all sorts of bug fixes, which, for example, fix problems with warriors and villains , that fed hunters also get ranged attack power and much more! We have the patch notes for the hotfixes for WoW WotLK Classic for you!

On the night of October 20th and then also on the night of October 21st, 2022, there was a lot going on in terms of bug fixes on the WoW WotLK Classic realms! And so that you can get an overview, we have translated the English patch notes for you below. Highlights include the fact that the full buff from feasts now also grants ranged attack power - the hunters should be happy about that.

Adjusted the Warrior's Desire for Blood talent so that the third rank of the talent triggers every six seconds more reliably, instead of sometimes making you wait nine seconds or more. And rogue talents have been adjusted so that any passive or buff effects are removed as soon as you select a different specialization. Then a lot has happened in professions and dungeons - just take a look at the patch notes!


Mind Flay and other similar spells no longer benefit from movement impairment reduction as a bonus to casting speed.

Fixed an issue that could cause Blessing of Wisdom to sometimes incorrectly provide an increased benefit in Raid Battles when switching to a spec that didn't have Improved Blessing of Wisdom.

Adjusted the Warrior's Desire for Blood talent to improve its timing.

Developer Note: This change should result in Rank 3 of the talent proc every 6 seconds instead of sometimes taking 9 seconds to proc. The other ranks have the same change, but it's not guaranteed to happen and is therefore less noticeable.

Creatures and NPCs

Some creatures summoned by players were of the wrong level and the issue has been fixed.

Grauf was taught to fly and will no longer walk around in midair and disregard the laws of physics.

Dungeons and Raids

Fixed an issue where Kel'thuzad would sometimes still select the tank for Frost Strike if it wasn't the most aggro.

Fixed an issue where some boss encounters were not respecting loot settings (e.g. Master Looter).

items and rewards

Keep's "Fed" effect now grants ranged attack power.

Greater Inscriptions from the Sons of Hodir are now refundable items, but can no longer be sold to vendors for gold if sent to other characters on your account.

Heirloom combat rating bonuses are now applied correctly.


"Calm Down, Man" can be obtained again after returning to the living realm and traversing the underground portion of the Drakil'jin Ruins.

User Interface and Accessibility

Fixed an issue where the anticipated healing from spells added in Wrath of the Lich King would not display correctly in the UI while they were being cast.


The effects of the rogue's Overpower talent are now broken when another talent specialization is activated. [note i.e. Red.: The patch notes say "Rogue Overpower talent" and as a rogue noob we have no idea what exactly that means.]

Dungeons and Raids


Death Knight NPCs can no longer cast Unholy Frenzy on raid bosses.

The Culling of Stratholme

Fixed an issue with Chrono-Lord Epoch's time warp. He now correctly moves through space when targeting different players, including those he was in melee range with. [note i.e. Red.: The patch notes say "Time Step". Epoch has Time Warp and Time Stop (Heroic), and we're not 100% sure right now which of those abilities the devs are referring to.]

The "Hide/Show Helm" and "Cloak" options now behave correctly when used in the dungeon.

items and rewards

Elixir of Distilled Wisdom now properly benefits from mixology. [note i.e. Editor: In all honesty, we assume this is the flask of distilled wisdom.]

Tempo Drums now provide the Tinnitus effect for players affected by the item, similar to Tempo Bass Drums.

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