• MLB The Show 19 Hitting Guide for Beginners

    May-03-2019 PST : MLB The Show

    MLB The Show 19 Hitting Guide for Beginners

    Every year the web is full of questions about how to better fight, how to get rid of the downturn, use the best settings, why I can't use Player X and other issues with similar topics. To help them, here are some tips for hitting t ...
  • ​Diamond Dynasty Squads

    Feb-25-2019 PST : MLB The Show

    ​Diamond Dynasty Squads

    Diamond Dynasty Squads... apprehend me out below... Sorta like MUT Squads 3s in anger is there a way SDS can absorb a Diamond Squads approach in MLB The Show for next year? My abstraction goes like this... If you accept 3 ...

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