MLB The Show 19 Hitting Guide for Beginners

MLB The Show May-03-2019

Every year the web is full of questions about how to better fight, how to get rid of the downturn, use the best settings, why I can't use Player X and other issues with similar topics. To help them, here are some tips for hitting the ball in MLB The Show 19.

First, you need to have the right settings. Personally, I play PCI hide and hit zone closed... which means I have the clearest visual possibilities. Don't worry about the lack of PCI.. I promise you are still there! Not everyone can participate in the legendary band... If you need help and find yourself struggling, there is no shame in reducing the difficulty. For the rest of this guide, remember that I play Legend Hitting, Zone Timing, all my hit sliders are the default, except that my time is 2 instead of 5. Guess Pitch is off I strongly recommend you Don't use it too!

This is a huge online key. Sometimes the person who faced me last year didn't hit me in the third game. I scored 6 points in the fourth game and still played when he quit. Pay attention to everything. How did he start left-handed and right-handed? What did he completely count? Will his model change after he gives up his basic hit? Sometimes it's obvious what the opponent is doing, sometimes it's subtle. The more you accept, the better you will be. 

For example, in the left-handed pitcher/right-handed batter game last year, I noticed that the opposing player would always throw the inside line within 2-1 counts. Usually I will look for a fastball in such a count and let the low curve go. But he did not miss these curve balls, they caught too many plates. Fortunately, the next time I counted his 2-1 is in the bottom half of the final game, the base loads and runs down 2 times. I sat on it, timed and won the Grand Slam. It's good for you to write down how people let you go and use this information.

Sell all silver medals at the beginning of the game and perform missions through public and bronze. This will ensure that you get the best value for these cards, as a large group of people buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs. Their value will be 25% of the weeks after the release.

Use one of the strikezone cameras (I prefer strikezone 2) and don't swing at the first pitch, at least for the first time. Some people throw a lot of strikes and you have to adjust. Some people throw a lot of courts outside the district. Figure out who you are facing, what their inclinations are, and then adjust. For the first time through the lineup, I took a lot of pitches. The second time, I looked at the pitch sequence of the first AB and then prepared accordingly.

Go to the batting cage, lower the controller and observe the pitch. I don't care about the views you use. Look at the ball and strike. Learn to recognize curves, changes, and sliders. Once you spend a lot of time watching the pitch, choose the controller and start pitching. When you can walk and force 3 balls, I promise you will hit the ball better.

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