Lost Ark: ​Beren's Neato Bard Chaos Dungeon Build

Lost Ark Jun-07-2022

I've studied and played with a variety of builds , but I've discovered my personal favorite after a lot of tuning and testing and also transferring some of the information I have learned about Sorcerer build to the Bard.

Three main reasons are why I like this design and I'm amazed that I didn't notice it everywhere.

1. It's much more efficient from my experiences.

2. It can be used to mob clear everywhere, not just Chaos.

3. It has some support capabilities within it.

The core of this building is one engraving:

Pre-emptive Strike.

"When fighting opponents who challenge or lower your HP using 100% HP,, your attacks are guaranteed to be crit and cause 160 damage at a rate of 160".

Our aim is to make use of bards' limited abilities to make massive initial hits to take massive waves swiftly and then nuke bosses in a single strike.

Prelude of Storm Prelude Of Storm and Heavenly Tune (Yes Heavenly Tune... I was double taking too) are the two most effective capabilities for this, with Heavenly Tune is more adept in wave clearing and Prelude being more effective in bosses.

The current state of NA The Preemptive Strike is affordable to complete the epic level and purple. This means that you can double equip it to level 3 before heading into your Chaos Dungeons, and you don't need any special equipment. I've dps'd the same gunslingers using this build. You'll have to believe me.

It's the Tripods to Heavenly Tune: Quick Prep, Forte and Tune for Me. Yes, you can utilize Tune to Me. It increases the damage of Heavenly's first hit by 100 percent, which is great when combined with pre-emptive strike. It will do 160k damage to everything that's on the screen because of the distance it can cover by using Forte. The only thing you'd like was a shorter cooldown (Gems can aid in this, and are great for raids in general). Be sure to apply the bleeding rune for Heavenly during this set too. It can kill those who weren't completely wiped out by it.

For Tripods using The Prelude Storm: Jungle's Law, Lightning Enhancement, and a powerful Prelude. Its AoE that is left behind by Prelude will shoot creatures that come into it, and will take out bosses often because they're stunned. It's on a short timer and, while it's got lesser range, you shouldn't worry about the fact that it's easy to run into the middle of things and it's gone in one flash.

Other abilities you'll be familiar with. It is possible to substitute Prelude of Death If you want to, however I don't think it's as effective Pre-emptive as do other items.

You may even find that your Dissonance and Stigma can benefit from the initial chunky hit , but they're more supportive over the main cake and the butter.

Conviction Core is but meh, and the added damage Guardian Tune could do is pretty average most of the time , however they allow you to be slightly more resilient when you get into the thick of items to play Prelude of Storm.

Make use of to put your Z for your ultimate in order to keep the self buff or use your healing. Swiftness spec definition works well in this regard, as do the cooldown-reducing gems.

Use your Symphonia in place of Oratio to improve your abilities. With Pre-emptive Maxed, you can be able to one-shot all but the boss who is massive with Symphonia since it's not a huge number of hits, just one large one, which is exactly what we need. At present, it's about 1.9 million on the screen, which is pretty good for me My current ilvl is 1355.

I hope this will help certain bards. This is faster in my opinion than starting to group and is also quicker than other Pre-emptive strike build I've seen. The greatest benefit is that it's inexpensive to set up because Pre-emptive is inexpensive even for the engravings in purple and you don't require any special equipment for it.

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