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Lost Ark Jul-05-2022

Our Lost Ark Heartbeat Island occasion guide for the Summer Festival is all that stands among you and getting your Heartbeat Island rewards. We'll assist you with how to begin, how to track down the right area, and how to finish all the occasion difficulties.

Since you likely don't have any desire to pass up the Honing materials, Legendary Card Packs, or the extravagant new headband, here's a Heartbeat Island occasion guide.

Heartbeat Island area and occasion necessities

The Heartbeat Island occasion has a couple of necessities: your personality should be essentially level 50, and you want to have a thing level of something like 250. One of the occasion difficulties, The Very Best Dance, likewise requires the Sway or Umarka act out.

On the off chance that you're experiencing difficulty tracking down the Heartbeat Island area, investigate the image. It's found only west of Anikka and south of Pleccia.

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island occasion rewards

The Heartbeat Island exercises are compensated with Festival Coins. Whenever you've gained a pleasant heap of this occasion just valuta, visit Della (situated in each enormous city as well as Heartbeat Island itself) to trade them. You can purchase this:

Void listHoning Materials. Any thoughtful you really want, from Harmony Shards to Crystallized Guardian Stones.

Incredible Card Packs

Incredible Rapport Selection Chests

Powder of Sage: builds likelihood of progress while moving a Skill Tree Effect.

Una's Daily Tasks: Instant Completion Pass or a Daily +1 Extension Pass

Fitting and Metallurgy Honing achievement rate +10%

Zingy Summer Cocktail: a consumable that awards +25 Weapon Power and +360 Vitality.

Headband determination chest: a bright headband for your personality.


Step by step instructions to begin the Heartbeat Island occasion

To begin the Lost Ark Heartbeat Island occasion, converse with Jollous, the Festival Planner. You can track down him in any significant city (search for the pink interjection blemish on your guide). Converse with him and afterward read the Summer Beat Festival Invitation to begin the occasion mission.

From that point forward, make a beeline for Heartbeat Island and do the accompanying to finish the presentation:

Converse with Jollous.

Play the Song of Valor for Jollous.

Dance, Sway, or do the Umarka.

Utilize the Cheer act out while Jollous moves.

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island day to day journeys

This occasion accompanies three day to day journeys, compensating 100 Festival Coins each. Here is an outline:

Relax: rests on one of the sunbeds for 30 seconds.

A Song For You: stand close to the performer and watch her play for 30 seconds.

Peaceful as the Sea: go to the harbors and pay attention to the waves for 30 seconds.

Lost Ark Heartbeat Island plan and center journeys

Other than the three dailies, the Heartbeat Island Summer Festival has two center journeys. They start once consistently. To see the following beginning time, open Procyon's Compass and go to Fever Time. Right now of composing, the standard timetable is ten minutes to the hour (so 10:50, 11:50, 12:50 and so on) for the principal occasion, The Very Best Dance. The other one beginnings around ten minutes after the fact.

The Very Best Dance: dance either the Umarka or Sway while remaining in the yellow circles.

Sparkling Night of Arkesia: get a Glowstick and assault the manager with your base assault. You can utilize your ability buttons to speed up and Movement Speed.

The Lost Ark Heartbeat Island AFK time


The Heartbeat Island occasion got some internet based analysis for its AFK (away from console) time. At first, players needed to stand by three minutes to finish a Daily Quest, so nine minutes altogether. That time has now been changed in accordance with a 30-second stand by all things considered (a moment and a half altogether). Thus, finishing the Dailies and doing both center missions once shouldn't require considerably more than 15 minutes.

Best of luck with the moving on Heartbeat Island, and do everything we can for Jollous!

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