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Lost Ark Jun-16-2022

I'm looking for suggestions and ways to increase the number of members in my guild. I currently manage a level 12 guild and an alt guild level 8 but I'm trying to attract and keep active players who are willing to do things like legions/abyssals, raids, guild siege and guild.

We currently have a small number of active players who are able to interact with each other via discord, or through our guild's global chat. There is also a significant number of players who have no intention of joining in the global chat/discord, and only want the bloodstones that are given out every week. These are the kinds of players I would prefer to see to avoid in the guild.

It's a bit difficult to recruit new guildies when there is only just a few players who are willing to work on work together. Then there are excellent guildies who quit or waited for their class to come out.

I am a recruiter through the Lost Ark discord and have tried to recruit on discord users, but have not had much luck. I'm also thinking of joining smaller guilds, but I'm not certain how I would go about it.

Can anyone give some suggestions could you please offer some advice I understand your pain. I'm in a similar guild, and am experiencing the same problems having players form groups to discuss content or even do things with each other.

It's really annoying that they're leaving a lot of their weekly Bloodstones and gold lying around and simply not bothering to deal with it. It's true that guild raids are about 10 minutes on the longest. We don't have to be 50 people to be ranked (though it would be great) it's just 8-10 that's enough.

"A large portion of active players do not have any interest in joining the discord or chat room and only want each week's bloodstone."

There are two options for you man. Or, you can simply drop the boot and remind them that taking part in these events at a minimum of every week is required. Accept that you're unlikely to have the number of people you could for these events.

It is also possible to increase the amount of your weekly contribution to a level that is close to 500cents.

My guild also makes use of Global Chat to organize our Guild Raids and Sieges (missed out during this week's siege due to the maintenance T_T). We try to have Shit every Thursday and Saturday at 7pm server time , with the Sunday night kicker for those who want to participate playing PvP games. With 50players within the guild, it is a struggle to make it 8 in during those times. This is a total waste of time as the raids require no time to complete and also provide a substantial part of your bloodstones. It's not helpful for making plans when the times listed on the guild's page for raids and sieges are completely wrong.

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